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I was first Diagnosed with my Brain tumour in March of 2010, Had my op to remove/biopsy June 10th 2011...Results were that I have an(Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Grade 3) I then had 6 week treatment of RT which ended on 6th Sept 2011. I was 3 months pregnant at the time of diagnosis with my baby girl Sophie, had her safely via C section on 7th Sept 2010 :-) 8lb 9oz she was the same weight as my son strangely :-) My Baby girl is now 1yrs old and is most beautiful :-) I also have a 12 year old son, Marcus Hogan....who is a very handsome young man, and loves his baby sista loads x :-) I am now married to my beloved Gareth Parfitt who treats me like a princess!! :-D I have 4 Brothers and 2 sisters....but back in 2005 one of my brothers died (Alan) he was 22/23 years old at the time....cant remember which :-/ memory not very good!! he commited suicide on the Train tracks in Yate due to many things, including drug abuse and our Father dying of Cancer 3 months prior. :-( My Dad lost his battle to Melenoma, cancer of the skin, which then led to his liver, brain (lost his eye), then eventually a clot in his leg. (miss u Dad)X

This is me going for my Functional MRI

This is me going for my Functional MRI

Sunday, 29 May 2011

London Trip......

My Mum entered my partner and I into a competition to win a trip to London for 2 at the Rubens hotel with £100 spending money and a choice of  4 restaurants to have a three course meal to the value of £100!!!!! and to our surprise we WON!!!! wahooo....we are hoping to go b4 my op which is a long shot as my op is on the 10th June....but my fingers are crossed!! :-) will keep u posted on that........


Gwenda, said...

As you can see, Sarah and our family have had more than the average families troubles in the past few years. Her brain tumour was a very big blow to us all, especially as Sarah was pregnant with our darling little Sophie and the fears attached to maybe losing her during the pregnancy.

Since then, happily, Sophie arrived. As you can see, she is a very healthy beautiful baby. Sarah has shown such courage in the face of this awful adversity and she, together with Gareth, her partner, really deserve this fantastic prize and I am praying that the competition manager will be able to arrange it at such short notice.

I am very proud of Sarah for starting her Facebook page about brain tumour awareness - Sarah Hogan-Brain Tumor Awareness - which gives an insight into what happens. She has done a great deal of research on the subject, too.

Even though Sarah feels very alone in her darkest moments, as we who do not suffer this awful condition can only imagine what it’s like, she has a very positive outlook on life. She is a fighter and has a happy, bubbly personality.

I wish to add that my prayers are with not only her and our family and friends, but everyone in the same situation.

Love you, Sarah

Sarah said...

awww thats lovely mum thankyou :-)xxx love you lots like jelly tots!!! lol xxx <3

earl3972 said...

very well said Gwenda also Sarah i hope to see lots of pics of you and #1 Gareth on your trip to london, picture of them menu and the qulity of the food :P well hope you too have a good time.


earl3972 said...

Well said Gwenda and i hope to see lots of pics of you and gareth, on your trip and yes plz keep us all posted.

You must be a strong person from what you have gone through but we will all support you :)